Shear Balers

Are you recycling heavy duty scrap metals and need a shear baler? JMC McIntyre supplies the Copex range of shear balers because they’re a long established, experienced company offering quality, robust products. The Copex Reflex mobile and portable shear baler is unequalled in today’s market and comes with full logistic support. The Copex Lidex shear baler will increase productivity by up to 25% so it is one of the most cost effective machines around.
JMC McIntyre also has its own multi-purpose baler, the M40 which is automatic, fast and produces up to 20 bales of metal an hour.

Copex S-Wing Shear Balers

The latest in the Copex range of shear balers, S-Wing has been developed for shearing and compacting light to medium-heavy mixed […]

Copex Reflex Mobile Shear Balers

The new Reflex mobile shear balers from Copex are specifically designed for the shearing and compacting white goods, car bodies, […]

Copex Lidex Shear Balers

Increase your productivity by up to 25 % using a Copex Lidex shear baler.  Now brought to you by McIntyre.  

Specifically designed […]