Materials Handling

McIntyre supplies a wide range of material handling grabs from leading manufacturers. These include our own McIntyre range which has been designed specifically for the scrap metals industry so that you can deal with exceptionally large loads, efficiently and economically.

Container boxes are a challenge to load efficiently. The A-Ward range of container handlers allow significantly more material to be shipped per container thereby reducing transportation costs. The amazing MiSlide horizontal loading system can load containers in 2 to 4 minutes while still mounted to the trailer.

Stationary scrap loader – Rotobec

Why pay for wheels when your scrap loader stays in one place?  If you have a specific job on your […]

MiSlide Horizontal Container Loader

The A-Ward MiSlide horizontal container loader is a unique, fast and safe system for loading materials into 20 and 40 […]

MiTilt Container Tilter

The A-Ward MiTilt container tilter is a patented system for tilting containers while they are being loaded. This means that […]

MiTilt Container Unloader

The MiTilt container unloader frame from A-Ward enables companies to reduce logistics costs and time delays because it removes the […]

Scrap metal handling grabs – Rotobec

Rotobec scrap metal handling orange peel grabs are designed for the handling of recycling material and scrap metal and are developed to […]