Grabs and Stationary Loaders

McIntyre supplies a wide range of material handling grabs from leading manufacturer, Rotobec, which are designed specifically for the scrap metals industry so that you can deal with exceptionally large loads, efficiently and economically.

Rotobec also manufactures a superior range of stationary mount loaders which are built to last and improve efficiency, including: Rotobec’s Elite 910, Horizon 920, Optimax 950, Evolution 960, and Titan 980.


Stationary scrap loader – Rotobec

Why pay for wheels when your scrap loader stays in one place?  If you have a specific job on your […]

Scrap metal handling grabs – Rotobec

Rotobec scrap metal handling orange peel grabs are designed for the handling of recycling material and scrap metal and are developed to […]