Meet the challenges of vehicle recycling and ELV legislation with our range of equipment for car recycling and depollution.  We can offer you a variety of high quality machinery designed for all sizes of operation.  As the UK agents for Vortex, we are able to supply a complete line of depollution systems.  Meanwhile our own McIntyre Engine Cracker can separate different components from engines – earning you more profit.  We also manufacture machines for safely recovering the precious metals from catalytic converters.   Then the McIntyre M40 Metallican baler will tackle oil filters, producing dense bales between 12 and 14kg.  For car looms, we can supply a Matrix granulation system to recover the copper.  Plus we have a multitude of shredders and a rugged and reliable range of car balers.  Basically if you want to recycle any part of a car – talk to us we’ll have equipment to help you.  Phone +44 (0) 115 9409630 or email:  Remember to also keep checking in on our used equipment page.

See what our customers think.  Read the Car recycling equipment case study from ATP Molloys Metals here.