Car Recycling and Depollution

Car recycling and depollution is covered by stringent EU ELV (End-Of-Life-Vehicles) legislation which includes increasingly high depollution quotas. McIntyres have equipment to help you meet these challenges and offers a range of high quality equipment designed for all sizes of operation. Vortex makes equipment which de-pollutes every aspect of a vehicle while always having the health and safety of the operator in mind. An SAS Scorpion Engine Puller will remove complete engines and transmissions within 30 seconds. Removed engines and gearboxes can be cracked so that the different components may be separated ready for recycling with the JMC Engine Crusher. McIntyre also supply the Cat Comrade which recovers the precious metals from catalytic converters and when everything possible has been extracted, the JMC M40 Metallican baler will even tackle the recycled oil filters, producing dense bales between 12 and 14kg. McIntyre also sells the rugged and reliable Roter range of car balers and the Copex range of shear balers.

Read our Car recycling equipment case study about ATP Molloys Metals here.

Engine Cracker

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Car depollution “Combi-Stand” system from Vortex

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Fuel extraction systems from Vortex

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Catalytic Converter Guillotine


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Roter Car Balers

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Car De-pollution range from Vortex

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Cat Comrade Dust Extraction System for Catalytic Converter Recycling


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