Cable Strippers

Cable strippers extract the copper wire from cables of various thicknesses. McIntyre supply cable strippers able to work well with cable and wire from 1mm diameter up to cables of 150mm in diameter at speeds of up to 42 metres a minute depending on the cable type. The McIntyre range of cable strippers includes units that can strip heavy-duty cables, including lead covered, armoured and multi-core. All the models are simple to use and work efficiently and economically. Because McIntyre offers a range of wire strippers to suit every size of operation, we are always happy to discuss your needs so if you can’t see what you’re looking for in these pages please give us a call.

Euro-Strip 3000 cable stripper

The Euro-Strip 3000 cable stripper can handle cable and wire from 3mm (0.1″) to 64mm (2.5″) and is supplied with an […]

Euro-Strip 5000 cable stripper

The Euro-Strip 5000 cable stripper will handle most heavy-duty cables including armoured and multi-core. It’s easy to use and can […]

Euro-Strip 10000 Cable Stripper

The Euro-Strip 10000 is the largest machine in the Euro-Strip range and has been designed for maximum output when handling […]

JMC PR3 Evolution Cable Stripper

The Rolls Royce of all cable strippers, the PR3 Evolution cable stripper has 12 different tracks to allow a huge […]

RMH 65Q Cable Stripper

The RMH 65Q cable stripper has been designed to cut particularly small cables (1mm-5mm) with ease. It processes all cables […]

JMC CS500 Cable Stripper

The JMC CS500 cable stripper is a low energy unit with a surprisingly high capacity which can be easily moved […]

Euro-Strip 1000 Cable Stripper

The Euro-Strip 1000 cable stripper has been designed to process fine household and solid cable. It can handle wire cable […]