Cable granulators

Our range of Matrix Cable granulators shred, separate and recover copper and aluminium from domestic and industrial insulated wires and cables. They can also handle car looms with an optional unit that injects powder to dry the grease. There are models able to achieve 98% separation of metals from plastics and to deal with all cable thicknesses, thus improving the profitability of your cable recycling process. Whatever the size of your operation, McIntyre has a Matrix cable granulator which will suit.

Matrix Monster Evo Cable Granulator

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The Matrix Monster Evo cable granulator is an efficient system for processing up to 100 kg of cable an hour. […]

Matrix 150 cable granulation system

The compact Matrix 150 cable granulation system is ideal for recycling copper cable, aluminium cable, radiators, electronic circuit boards and […]

Matrix 220 VZT cable granulation system

The compact Matrix 220 VZT cable granulation system is a complete, patented system for the recycling of copper and aluminium […]

Matrix 220 compact cable granulation system


The Matrix 220 compact cable granulator is a complete system for recovering copper and aluminium from electric cables and other […]

Matrix 380VZT Cable Granulator


The Matrix 380VZT cable granulator is a high output compact unit for recycling cable and separating copper from plastic. It […]

Vibrating sieve for extra recovery from cable granulators

Matrix cable granulators recover almost all the available copper from household cable and wire. This vibrating sieve is an optional […]