Alligator shears cut scrap metal and help to separate different material types, earning you more money from your metals.  Our shears are ideal for recycling scrap bar, tube, extrusions, car radiators, gear boxes and gate valves.  They are also used for weapons destruction and for cutting cable prior to stripping or granulation.  We have been manufacturing McIntyre Alligator shears for more than 30 years.  McIntyre shears come in all sizes and are typically described according to blade length in mm (150, 320, 407 etc).   They can be powered by both single and 3 phase power supplies.  Some shears have a diesel option.  All McIntyre shears have been built to last using quality heavy duty components.   Operator safety is upper-most in mind so our range of shears are equipped with blade guards and foot-operated switches.  For the ultimate in alligator shear safety, the Global range have all working parts totally enclosed and optional heavy rubber safety curtains. Take a look at all the models we have available on our website or contact us now for further information: