A-Ward Case Studies

Here is a selection of case studies which illustrate how hundreds of clients around the world have benefited from A-Ward’s revolutionary bulk handling capabilities.

Scrap Aluminium – Capral Aluminium

Capral Aluminium has significantly increased profitability by loading and exporting its scrap aluminium directly with its A-Ward horizontal container loader.


Food Industry (Sugar) – Nestlé

A-Ward Container Unloader Reduces Costs, Improves Hygiene
Nestlé Singapore has revolutionised its barley supply chain thanks to A-Ward’s container unloading system,  […]

Plastics Industry (Resin) – The Libman Company

A-Ward 40ft Container Unloading System Saves Libman Costs and Improves Safety
A-Ward’s 40ft Tilt and Raise container unloading system allowed Libman’s […]

Plastics Industry (Resin) – Sistema Plastics

A-Ward’s Flexible Resin Unloading System Keeps Materials Dry, Minimises Costs
When Sistema Plastics built a brand new, state-of-the-art, high quality plastics […]

Waste Industry – Sita-Suez

A-Ward container unloader revolutionises safety and speed in the waste industry
When Sita-Suez built a brand new Waste to Energy plant […]

Ferrous Scrap Metal – Sims Pacific Metals

A-Ward container loaders enable extremely fast loading of export scrap metal into 20ft shipping containers
When global scrap prices are high, […]