Metal Recycling Machinery

We run our own scrap yard and many of the machines we offer today have been designed to meet our own operating needs. Our experience gives us an unparalleled understanding of the challenges you face, enabling us to provide practical advice and bespoke, problem-solving designs that will help you to maximise your profits.  For an even faster return on your investment, finance is available for all McIntyre machines through Close Brothers Asset Finance.  Please contact us for further information or email Close Brothers directly for details.

McIntyre 150 Alligator Shear


The McIntyre 150 alligator shear is small enough to be moved easily around the yard. All you need to put […]

JMC McIntyre 200B Alligator Shear


Here’s a versatile 8″ blade alligator shear which may look small, but it has a big cutting capacity. If the […]

McIntyre 320 Hydraulic Alligator Shear


The 320 alligator shear is a must for any yard. It’s well established and recognised as the industry standard for […]

Roter shear balers for scrap metal RR series

Roter shear balers for scrap metal are a relatively inexpensive compared to others on the market, but match their efficiency for […]

Vulcan LIBS metals analyser

Vulcan is the fastest metals analyser for scrap metal sorting you’ll find today. With the most advanced reporting tools on the […]

Hammer mill shredders from Bonfiglioli

The Drake range of hammer mill shredders from Bonfiglioli can be fed with a wide variety of metal scrap including: […]

Matrix 150 cable granulation system

The compact Matrix 150 cable granulation system is ideal for recycling copper cable, aluminium cable, radiators, electronic circuit boards and […]

Matrix 220 VZT cable granulation system

The compact Matrix 220 VZT cable granulation system is a complete, patented system for the recycling of copper and aluminium […]

Stationary scrap loader – Rotobec

Why pay for wheels when your scrap loader stays in one place?  If you have a specific job on your […]

Roter Car Balers

, ,

If you are looking for a car baler or a general purpose metal baler, then the Roter car baler is […]

X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser


Hitachi High-Technologies Group has raised the bar with its latest handheld XRF analyser, the X-MET8000. The advantages of the X-MET8000 […]

Hard drive shredder

Just launched, Wagner’s twin-shaft, hard drive shredder will completely and securely destroy used computer hard drives thus making any sensitive […]

McIntyre Mantis Metal baler

We have a used Mantis scrap metal baler coming into stock soon.

JMC Mantis is a semi-automatic metal baling and sorting […]

JMC Global Safety Alligator Shears

The JMC Global range of safety alligator shears has been designed with safety as the primary focus so they are […]

Euro-Strip 3000 cable stripper

The Euro-Strip 3000 cable stripper can handle cable and wire from 3mm (0.1″) to 64mm (2.5″) and is supplied with an […]

Wagner shredders

There is a Wagner shredder to suit just about every operation whether it’s a laboratory sized unit you’re looking for […]

McIntyre 640-240T 240 Tonne Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 640-240T metal cutting alligator shear is a beast of a machine. It’s strong, reliable and able to cut […]

JMC McIntyre 5025 Bigfoot Metal Baler

The McIntyre 5025 BigFoot Metal Baler offers more power and more shear force than any other baler in its class. […]

Matrix 380VZT Cable Granulator


The Matrix 380VZT cable granulator is a high output compact unit for recycling cable and separating copper from plastic. It […]

Euro-Strip 5000 cable stripper

The Euro-Strip 5000 cable stripper will handle most heavy-duty cables including armoured and multi-core. It’s easy to use and can […]

Euro-Strip 10000 Cable Stripper

The Euro-Strip 10000 is the largest machine in the Euro-Strip range and has been designed for maximum output when handling […]

Bano Shredders

Bano shredders are built in Italy by Bano, an Italian manufacturer which specialises in large scale shredding plants for the […]

McIntyre 900 Alligator Shear

The JMC McIntyre 900 hydraulic alligator shear is equipped with 920mm (36.25″) blades to allow you to handle with ease […]

Terminator Metal Baler

The Terminator metal baler is a universal machine with exceptional cutting and baling capacity. A sorting table surrounds the front […]

JMC PR3 Evolution Cable Stripper

The Rolls Royce of all cable strippers, the PR3 Evolution cable stripper has 12 different tracks to allow a huge […]

ZB Thor Mobile Shredder Range

With a high reduction capacity, the ZB Thor mobile shredder range can handle light metal scrap, demolition waste, white goods, […]

Trojan Hydraulic Baling Press

The Trojan hydraulic baling press is a fully automatic baler which can handle almost anything at rates of up to […]

JMC McIntyre Hippo Metal Baler

The Hippo metal baler is a powerful baler large enough to bale complete washing machines and other white goods in […]

RMH 65Q Cable Stripper

The RMH 65Q cable stripper has been designed to cut particularly small cables (1mm-5mm) with ease. It processes all cables […]

JMC CS500 Cable Stripper

The JMC CS500 cable stripper is a low energy unit with a surprisingly high capacity which can be easily moved […]

McIntyre 5025SB Metal Recycling Baler

The McIntyre 5025SB is an affordable metal recycling baler built for speed and, because it is such a reliable product, […]

McIntyre 640 Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 640 Alligator shear is a powerful hydraulic yard metal shear which is guaranteed to be an asset to […]

McIntyre 2035 Scrap Metal Baler

The McIntyre 2035 scrap metal baler is an affordable metal baler which is sufficiently powerful to match the performance of […]

Vibrating sieve for extra recovery from cable granulators

Matrix cable granulators recover almost all the available copper from household cable and wire. This vibrating sieve is an optional […]

McIntyre 600HD alligator shear

The 600HD alligator shear is a fast and strong metal cutting shear with an extended hold down clamp, making it […]

JMC McIntyre 500HD hydraulic alligator shear

Here’s a new generation hydraulic alligator shear which is faster and more powerful than any other machine of its size. […]

JMC McIntyre 407 Hydraulic Alligator Shear

The McIntyre 407 hydraulic alligator shear is an affordable, efficient 16” (407mm) blade cleaning shear. It will cut up to […]

Euro-Strip 1000 Cable Stripper

The Euro-Strip 1000 cable stripper has been designed to process fine household and solid cable. It can handle wire cable […]

Scrap metal handling grabs – Rotobec

Rotobec scrap metal handling orange peel grabs are designed for the handling of recycling material and scrap metal and are developed to […]